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You Can Use Essay Sample To Create Your Own Argumentative Essay Topics

A sample essay can be of great assistance when you are writing an argumentative essay. Reviewing multiple sample essays as provided by your teacher or found online or from other students in your class can really help you to review not only the style that is required but all of the different topics that are out there. If you need stuck you can certainly turn to these tips:

Tips for Consistent Essay Writing

After you have figured out what internal and external stresses inhibit your writing, and you have overcome feelings of inadequacy and procrastination, it is time to create a writing schedule and get down to work. A writing schedule will keep you on task throughout the duration of your project. Setting milestones will help you to complete every part of your essay before it is due.

If you are writing an essay and need some top notch topics you can review the list below to see if anything can be applied to your assignment. Remember that this list is meant as a starter point from which to form ideas that best suit your interests and your essay requirements:

  • Write about whether people under the age of twenty one should be required to complete driver’s education classes before they can get their license
  • Write about whether students in college should be automatically dismissed if caught cheating on tests
  • Write about whether freshman students in college should be required to purchase their university or college meal plan
  • Write about whether a zoo is really an internment camp for animals and whether they should be alleviated around the country
  • Write about whether students in college should be penalized for illegally downloading movies or music
  • Write about whether students should be allowed to post faculty evaluations online
  • Write about whether merit alone should be the basis of government financial aid
  • Write about whether stray cats on college campuses should be rescued and cared for by student government
  • Write about whether people who contribute to the Social Security program should be given the opportunity to determine how their funds are invested or not
  • Write about whether professional athletes who are convicted for using performance enhancing drugs should be removed from the Hall of Fame
  • Write about whether citizens without a criminal record should be allowed to carry a concealed gun