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Help Me Find Not Overused Topics for Essay Writing

Fresh and New Topic Ideas for Writing Essays

Writing essays is one of the best ways that someone can express themselves and it doesn’t matter what the topic is or what the type of essay is you can let your passion shine on through. Only thing with essays now is that a lot of people tend to write the same topic over and over again and when you have either written or read an article about certain things a ton of times you start to want to write and or read something new.

Coming up with a new idea for an essay can be hard, you don’t want it to be about something that people do not like or do not know anything about. The easier that the audience can connect to your topic then the more people you will get to be interested in hearing whatever you have to say in your essay.

You should also consider creating a list of ideas from a few different topics and then go over the list and see which one you can write about the most with accurate research and that is a topic that is well known to the common masses.

Examples of topics from different genres:


  • As a country do you think we are starting to be more independent, if so why or why not?
  • Who do you believe to be is the most valued in society, the young or the old?
  • Should there be more fitness and sports centers for people to work out in?


  • Why do we have so many different languages and do we need them all?
  • Do you believe college should be free?
  • What are the best ways to help out countries that are poor?


  • Do you think that emigration is bad for a country?
  • Are the best teachers our parents?
  • Should girls and boys be able to go to college together or not?


  • Is cheap flights damaging to the environment?
  • What can we do in order to make traffic easier to go through?
  • Do you think that it is ok for foreigners to pay more?

Families, Children and Media:

  • How many subjects do you think there should be in secondary schooling?
  • Do you believe that ambition is a negative or a positive thing to have?
  • What do you think young people should do with their free time that is productive?

Problems, Solutions, Science, Technology and Society:

  • Do you think that our economic developments are a cause or a solution of poverty?
  • Should healthcare be unlimited and or available to everyone?
  • Are people who tour places helping that country out?

Travel, Work, and Sports and Leisure:

  • What do you think about the connection between traveling and international understandings?
  • Should certain sports that are dangerous, like boxing be banned?
  • Who do you believe should provide childcare?