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Free Essay Examples Can Be Used As Writing Manuals

When you are writing a paper you need to have some form of sample that you can turn to. Why?

  • Because sample essays can be used as writing manuals
  • Sample essays can show you how to format your paper
  • Sample essays give you some clear idea of how to structure your argument

Working Smarter

When you are writing a paper, no matter the class, it is important for you to schedule writing time. But in addition to finding the actual time to work on the paper, you need to figure out where and how to work best during the allotted time frame.

Work during your most productive times

The brain is truly a fascinating organ and in fact it is one that works in two distinct cycles throughout the day. During certain times in the day, the specific times for which vary by person, the brain can focus only on mundane and non-challenging tasks. During other times in the day, the brain is more creative and focused on difficult tasks. That is why some people are considered “early birds” while others are “night owls”. For some people, their brain is at its most creative at night with the moon rising. For others it is early in the morning before most of the world is even awake. So it is important for you to discern which time frame is best for you. If you know that you need to do some mundane reference tasks that do not require much creativity, then you might be able to schedule that task for early morning on Thursday, while you need to be more creative for the writing part, which you can do Friday afternoon when you brain is at its most creative. If you do not know which you are--either a night owl or early bird--ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you write better in the morning or do you find that first thing in the morning you are far too sleepy to write creatively?
  • Can you work on your essay in the evening after you were in school or working all day, or do you need a break in the evening to relax and veg on the couch?
  • Do you enjoy reading and doing research on the same day that you write, or do you like to do reading and research one day and writing the next?

After you figure out which hours are your most productive for which tasks, you should schedule your academic writing around those times. Remember that if you have no idea, then you might have to conduct some experiments first.

If you can, plan your work and your errands around your most productive hours so that you can get the most amount of work done in the shortest amount of time.