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Where to Get Well-Written 5 Paragraph Essay Samples

Essays are time consuming and assigned on at least a monthly basis, sometimes even weekly! Wanting to quit and being nervous to start your 5 paragraph essay is common and quite understandable. Some of the questions running through your mind may be: where do I start, how do I start, what is a body paragraph, how to write an introduction, or how to have a strong conclusion. All of those questions are viable and can be answered by seeing other people’s samples and ideas of what a five paragraph essay should be.

To help you along the way and ease your mind into what your essay should look like and how it should be written it is extremely helpful to take a look at a well written 5 paragraph essay. When you are searching and reading these samples there are some points that are important to understand and really take not of, in order for your essay to be just as well written.

  • The first sentence of each paragraph and how it relates to the remainder of the paragraph
  • What does the conclusion do to the essay
  • What did you learn and how was it presented
  • How did the introduction grasp your attention
  • How did each paragraph relate to the whole argument or point of the essay
  • What kind of evidence moved you
  • Transitions between the paragraphs that made everything stay connected

Now that you know what to take note of, you need to know where to find these well written five paragraph essays. Many websites will claim to have well written essays but is very important that you go to a credible site that will benefit you rather than hurt you or hurt your essay writing skills.

Many blogs, websites that want you to pay for a sample, or websites that claim to not charge but still want your credit card information will most likely have essays that are subpar and aren’t good samples to base your own essay on.

University websites and organizations will offer plenty of samples and tips for people to read for free. These essay samples are well written and great samples to base your own writing on. Some are extensive and actually point out with highlighting or underlining, what made the essay great or powerful.