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Writing a Strong Essay Without a Hitch

A strong essay is the one that makes a powerful impression and can persuade readers to change their opinions. To write a powerful essay, you must have a strong opinion on the subject and know how to present it in the most efficient way. Here are some points to focus on:

  • Grab attention right away. Your first sentence should demonstrate what the essay will be about and make people eager to read it. Do not begin with a thesis statement; this will work better as the last sentence in your first paragraph. Think of something striking and eye-catching.
  • Be specific in your thesis statement. Shorter is not necessarily better. For example, “The Amazonian forests are being reduced at increasing speeds” is a weak thesis statement. Although it highlights the topic, it neither introduces an argument nor captures the readers’ attentions. “The increasing destruction of Amazonian forests through uncontrolled cutting calls forth the need for better protective legislation” is much better. It indicates both the cause of a problem and the means to solve it.
  • Stay consistent. If you take one side of the argument, do not shift to another. You may acknowledge the opinion of others and explain their reasons, but always stick to what you consider to be right.
  • Be objective. Do not simply express your personal views (unless it is required in this assignment), but refer to factual evidence and academic literature.
  • Use assertive language. Avoid phrases like “I think,” “in my opinion,” or “it seems.” They diminish the strength of your essay. Instead of writing “I think Roosevelt’s New Deal was the most efficient way to overcome the Great Depression,” just state “Roosevelt’s New Deal was the most efficient way to overcome the Great Depression.” If your judgment is based on facts and reasonably argued throughout the essay, it will never seem ungrounded or too daring.
  • Recognize the gaps in your research. You can’t answer all questions once and for all, and you aren’t expected to. If you face a lack of evidence to support your thesis, state this in your conclusion and comment that further research is needed. Your readers will appreciate that you are realistic in your assessment of both your own work and the situation in general.
  • Reword your thesis statement and most important points in the final couple of paragraphs. If the reader has jumped to the last page of your essay, they must still be able to understand what subject was discussed and what your purpose was. Work on your last sentences with special care to produce a strong and lasting impression on your readers.