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Crucial hints to help you write a 5-paragraph essay outline


When writing an essay an outline can be crucial for you. The outline acts as an essay blueprint and allows you to know every move you have to make and when. This can speed the process along quite a bit and make for a much better essay in the long run. It might just seem like more extra work however it could be the key to a great essay and a good grade. When making an outline there are some things to remember.

  • Outline every paragraph
  • Include all key points or ideas
  • Write in as many ideas as you can think of
  • Make it clear

Outline every paragraph

You are going to want to know what to do at every step. A detailed 5-paragraph outline will give you that ability. If you leave parts out than that is extra time spent thinking and waiting to remember your ideas. You might also have to go back and forth to your books or computer for information while writing. This could disrupt the flow of the essay and knock you off your game, so be prepared.

Include all key points or ideas

Whatever your essay is about, is has clear points to make or ideas and facts to express. Those key points, the glue of the paper, will be the biggest part of the paragraph and the part of the outline on each point. This will be where you start. Each key point has its own paragraph and in the outline it is the same. Each body paragraph has a place in the outline just like the introduction and conclusion do. Write down the key points off which you base your essay as the title of that part of the outline.

Write in as many ideas as you can think of

When you are writing the outline you have your key points or introduction and conclusion as titles. After the titles you make a spot for each idea. This ensures you know what to say when you start writing. Think of all the ideas you can on each point so that you have a lot of choices to write on. In the end it should look something like this:

  •  Introduction
  •  Ideas for the introduction

  •  Body paragraph 1- titled with a main point
  • Ideas about the main point

  •  Body paragraph 2- titled with a main point
  •  Ideas about the main point

  • Body paragraph 3- titled with a main point
  • Ideas about the main point

  • Conclusion

Ideas about the conclusion

If you do it properly it can be a real asset to you while writing. Try out these tips and see if they work for you.