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Getting Some Fresh Essay Topic Ideas for High School

Writing essays is an important part of schoolwork and for good reason. Essay writing is an exercise in methods of discourse. Unfortunately, it is not treated as such by both teachers and students in general. Writing an essay is usually a “task” for the students “given” by the teacher, as part of “work.” All elements in this idea combine to cause alienation in students. What should be a great learning experience turns into a drag, a resented chore.

Looking at essay writing as training in discussion and argumentation changes the whole paradigm. Who does not want to be a great, convincing conversationalist? No one!

Now that the idea of essay writing has been demystified and “disinfected,” think about what you are going to write. If the teacher has not specified the type of essay, you can write any one of the following:

  • An exposition
  • A discussion
  • A narrative
  • An argument

If you are free to choose the topic as you please, you should aim for something innovating, interesting, and yet relevant to common concerns. There are various venues you could explore for inspiration, starting from your immediate surroundings.

  • Your Physical Surroundings: Look around to find something that piques your interest and make it into an essay topic. For example, the local library may raise the question of why so few people visit it, the small store selling vegetables may make you wonder whether supermarkets are driving it out of business, or the empty park in your block may question your mind why families are staying indoors. Topics appear everywhere once you start looking for them.
  • Your Textbooks: Go through your textbook to see if a chapter contains the impetus for a full-blown exposition, argument etc.
  • The Web: Search the web for topics. There are lists of topics available online. These lists can give u a flash of inspiration. Be imaginative and spin a topic or think deeper and find something that has not been explored properly.
  • Newspapers: Current events and debates, especially controversial ones, make for excellent essay topics. Remember you want to create an interesting read.
  • Journals: journals and periodicals about your subject are a promising avenue. You might find something, a research, an article, or a review fit to become your topic.
  • People: An area largely missed in the rush of life! Human appearances and behaviors can turn into amazingly insightful discussions. It does not have to be an odd behavior or habit, anything that seems worth writing about IS worth writing about.

These are just a few suggestions. There are many more places to look once you start thinking. The trick is to let your imagination and creativity take over. Do not worry about impressions while selecting your topic. Just go ahead and be bold.