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How to write a conclusion for an essay: finishing your paper

Writing a conclusion for an essay can be challenging. Most writers feel like they said everything they needed to say from the introduction through the body paragraphs. So when you come to the end you wonder what else you need to say. Once you have this figured out you can finish your paper. This seems logic enough but this is more focusing on ensuring your conclusion finishes your topic to the liking of your reading audience, your instructor, and yourself.

Knowing Important Elements of a Well-Written Conclusion

Writing a conclusion includes understanding significant details that make up this section. Your conclusion should summarize points mentioned in the essay. Your thesis statement will be restated and you help leave a final impression for your reading audience. You may have a point of importance you want to state that is a message you want to be received. This portion of the essay is known to provide challenges to writers because they need to establish a point of completeness readers can identify. Try not to repeat too much information already mentioned, but consider providing details to support what was generally mentioned.

Revise and Rewrite Your Conclusion a Few Times

Gather ideas for your conclusion and create a rough draft. Go back over your material and revise it. Make your ideas and concepts solid. Some writers rewrite their conclusion a few times because it helps organize and structure content. Each time the content is rewritten it gets improved. You can review what you came up with and see if it answers common questions to bring your topic to a close. You may want to have someone you know read over your work and make suggestions.

Does the Conclusion Help Answer Important Questions?

Think about questions your readers may have about your topic. Your essay should answer most of them but your conclusion may provide more insight. You can provide important details related to your main points to help reiterate what they should know. Even though your paper is ending you can still provide something new without actually providing new details. You can present a viewpoint that will highlight related ideas to provide more meaning behind the essay purpose. For some writers they feel their conclusion should be reminiscent of their introduction. This helps your paper come together full-circle.