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How do you write a conclusion for an essay

The structure of your paper will depend on the type of writing that is expected from you. However, there is a typical general structure that all of the students follow:

  • Introduction.
  • Main body.
  • Conclusion.

Conclusion usually comes the last and its purpose is to briefly summarize the contents of the main body. It is very important to present a good conclusion, as it is very hard for the reader to memorize the whole paper, especially a long one. And a well written conclusion will help your paper to remain in the memory of your teacher.

Strategies for writing a good conclusion for your essay.

  • Restate your paper with specifying why what you say is important to the reader. Ask yourself “So what” question each time you come across a statement in your paper. It will give you some ideas about what to write in the conclusion.
  • Do not simply repeat what you have said in the main body. Don’t forget that the conclusion is read directly after it. Paraphrase the main ideas in the way they will remind the reader about the already read, but will not use the same words.
  • Avoid introducing new ideas in the conclusion. You had plenty space for it in the introduction and the main body. More than that, you will not have a possibility to prove your statement anymore and it will result in the complete mix-up in your paper.
  • Make sure the conclusion is stylistically connected to the rest of the paper. It is not good to have an emotional ending to a strictly scientific paper. This will prevent your essay from looking as a whole, smoothly flowing text and leave a negative impression.
  • Do not include any evidence or data in the conclusion. It is supposed to be placed in the main body only. It is better not to use any quotations as well, as it will appear as an introduction of new information.

Possible structure for your conclusion.

The first sentence must be linking the conclusion to the previous paragraph and mention the main idea of the paper. The next few sentences will briefly restate your main arguments and specify the main findings. Make sure to mention all of the important parts of your essay. Finally, you shall rewrite your thesis statement in order to show the reader how your developed it in your paper and how you came to the conclusions.