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Analyzing the essay writing process

The essay writing process is a simple activity that can be done by any reasonable student. It offers the student a platform where students can express themselves. The process has a number of steps that one has to follow to make it successful. These steps include:

  • Choose a relevant topic
  • A relevant topic determines the objectivity of the essay. When an essay has a relevant topic. This makes it easy for a student to make their work more objective because the topic provides good guidance in terms of the type of information used to develop the content and the objectives of the essay.

  • Come up with a strong outline
  • It is also important to have a strong structure that will enable the student to have direction while writing the essay. A strong outline is seen to play a big role in the essay writing process because it contains a list of activities and content that is important for the creation of a good essay.

  • Look for reliable sources
  • Using credible sources of information affects the content of the essay. Reliable sources of information are seen to provide valid content that improves the quality of a student’s essay. Use of false information is very unethical and it may lead to serious negative implications that will affect the performance of a student.

  • Take note of the main concepts
  • Noting down the main points of the subject matters make the essay simple and direct. This is seen to make the essay easy to understand avoiding unnecessary complexities that do not add any value to a student’s essay.

  • Paragraph the content found from the concepts
  • Using paragraphs is an efficient way of organizing one’s essays. Paragraphs are an attractive feature that makes an essay more appealing to the reader.

  • Use counter-arguments to make the essay more captivating
  • Use of valid counter-arguments gives the essay a competitive edge that makes it more captivating. Such features are able to make one’s essays stand out.

  • Draw a short and reasonable conclusion
  • Provide a list of references used to come up with the content.

The qualities of a good essay remain consistent hence the process must have the following characteristics for a good essay to materialize:

  1. The process should be meticulous
  2. It should be organized
  3. It should be fast
  4. It should be simple