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D-Day Deception

D-Day is known as one of the most significant events in military history. The approximate date of the even was June 6, 1944. Around this day the Battle of Normandy took place that involved troops from England arriving to France. They had intentions on taking over Normandy. They did this by committing a series of attacks by air and land. The troops eventually took over the land but the battle to do so lasted a couple of months. This event has a significant connection to World War II, but because of related events some people have a difficult time discussing memories due to deep emotional wounds.

While D-Day has its connections to World War II, it is also known as a military term or military vocabulary. D-Day is when an attack was initiated when troops arrived at Normandy. D-Day is known to be associated with similar events that occurred before and after this day. The date the attack occurred (June 1944) is often used in reference to this event instead of D-Day. Even though this was planned with help from General D. D. Eisenhower (who would later become president of the US), the attack was somewhat of a surprise for the allied troops.

Also known as the Normandy landings, this attack was one of the largest invasions conducted by sea in history. There was a form of deception that occurred for months before the attack took place. The Allied troops were planning the operation for months with military deception. The act was to throw off the Germans who had no idea an attack was in the works. The attack was originally planned for June 5, but it took place the next day due to inclement weather. With the attack planned for months ahead of schedule there were various operations that were schedule to take place that included hitting targets (from the Normandy coastline) miles away while at the sea.

While there was a detailed agenda for the Normandy landings, there were a few things that were not achieved when their attack began. Yet, allied troops seem to be victorious in the end. Over 10,000 military service people died with thousands injured. At one point there were dummies used with parachutes to deceive Germans. Few wonder if victory would have been the end result if the weather and elements of deception didn’t play key roles.