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5 ideas That Will Help You write A Perfect First Draft of Your Essay

Many professors will tell you it cannot be done, but contrary to popular belief, you can write a first draft that is almost perfect. Let’s face it, you will never have the “perfect” first draft for your essay; there is always room for improvement. However, there are some ideas that if implemented will get you as close as possible to the perfect draft. Just imagine how much time you will save yourself in the long run if you put the effort in upfront on your draft. Take a look at these 5 ideas to help you write the perfect first draft to your essay.

  1. Brainstorm- It is essential to get your ideas on paper and get them in order. You need your essay to flow properly and the best way to do that is by using brainstorming notes. Brainstorming also helps you see if you covered all the points you want to so you don’t have to go back later and add them.
  2. Bookmark your online resources- If you have specific sites you go to for citations or editing, bookmark them. If you see them you will be more likely to actually use them while you are writing your first draft.
  3. Enlist back-up- If you are not a seasoned writer make sure you have contact information for sites that offer services in proofreading and editing. Online writing services can assist you as you go along to make sure you are on track, making your first draft nearly perfect.
  4. Allocate your time properly- You need enough time to make sure your essay is perfect. Do not crowd your schedule or wait until the last minute to write it. You need the most time to brainstorm followed by researching and then the actual writing. It is easy to spot a rushed essay; they are nowhere near perfect.
  5. Practice makes perfect- The more you get into the habits of brainstorming and utilizing proofreading and editing services, the better you will become at essay writing in general. Soon enough, your first drafts will be virtually perfect.

If you are new to writing essays it is fair to say your first draft will not be perfect; it will not be anywhere near perfect. But as mentioned above, practice makes perfect. Once you get the hang of how to effectively brainstorm and allocate your time to different parts of the essay, you will see a difference in first drafts as you proceed in your college career. The more you do it the better you become.