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Getting A Well-Written Example Of A 3-Paragraph Persuasive Essay

A 3 paragraph essay is easy to write if you have an example. The example will assist you in producing a high quality paper by directing you on the following areas:-

  • Formatting- there are different formatting styles including MLA and APA. Each institution or lecturer gives unique guidelines for each paper. Getting an example in the formatting style stipulated in the instructions will make your formatting process easier.
  • Presentation- it takes a lot of effort to persuade a reader in just three paragraphs. However, with an example, you will identify the style used to ensure that your arguments are convincing despite the short length.
  • Language- language use in persuasive writing differs significantly to the language used in expository writing. A proofread example gives you an idea of how to use language to ensure that you capture the required mood. Your ideas will be compelling and easily fit within the limit of three paragraphs.

The quality of your three paragraph persuasive essay will depend on the example you use. Not all examples available from different sources are reliable. There are few sources of reliable examples.

  • Request from your teacher- teachers have access to high quality academic materials. They also know areas like library indices and websites where you can get high quality examples. Do not hesitate to ask from the teacher. While at it, request for an explanation in case a certain section of the sample is not clear. The teacher is ready to assist in your quest to achieve the best in academics.
  • Visit the library- the library stocks high quality academic materials for use by students. These materials include 3-paragraph persuasive essays. Before the materials are uploaded or put on shelves, they are thoroughly scrutinized. This means that the examples meet the highest standards in terms of language, presentation of arguments and formatting, among other aspects.
  • Check online- there are two sources of high quality essay examples online.
    1. Writing websites- these are sites dedicated to providing high quality academic resources like research papers and essays. Get a referral from a friend in order to get the best website.
    2. Online libraries- libraries are providing quality books, journals and academic paper samples online. Examples uploaded by libraries are still vetted thoroughly and will therefore be of the highest quality.

It is worth noting that 3-paragraph essay samples are only used to provide guidelines. Do not copy the content since you will be guilty of plagiarism. A sample from a credible source will help you produce the best paper.