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A Guide Providing You With Great Persuasive Essay Topics

When you are assigned a persuasive essay, you are usually given a list of choice to pick from and this decision can be a hard one.  Choosing the right topic can make or break your presentation of the topic.  Here are some tip on choosing the topic and examples of topics and how you can approach them.

Tips On Choosing

  • Choose a topic that you believe in: When selecting the topic you will be using, choose one that you believe in because it will make your assignment easier and you can put more of your heart into the subject.
  • Make sure you have the fact to back up you claim: If you don’t have the facts to persuade your argument, then your essay will fall short.
  • Don’t make you argument sound fickle: You want your essay to be taken seriously you need to not use asinine facts that you made up in order to prove your argument because wearing pants around your knees is not a fashion statement. It looks ridiculous and is a good way to fall on your face.
  • Be prepared if you have to debate on the subject: Make sure you have all the facts and are prepared to back them up if you are asked to debate for or against the topic.

Good Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Have we become reliant on technology: This is a good one because we have become engrossed in the Internet and it has become a part of our life and this generation doesn’t know what it was like without it.
  • Are certain laws for lenient:  This is just a general question and could be taken to so many levels.  You could choose one law and run with, showing the stats on that crime and run from there.
  • College is it really worth it: This is a great argument, with the high rate of people going back to school and the higher cost of education; this argument could go either way.
  • Is the film industry running out of ideas:  This is referring to the boom in Hollywood rebooting old movies, novels, and comic books to sell tickets.

These are just few of the endless possibilities that are out there to write for a persuasive essay.  There are thousands of topics that you can choose to argue but choosing is the easy part, making a valid argument is a little bit harder but if you put in the work it will show in your essay.