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How to Format an Essay: 5 Useful Suggestions

If you don’t pay attention to formatting your essay, you are missing an essential element of successful writing. The format is often worth part of your marks and can contribute towards your final grade. It’s worth it to pay attention to detail when it comes to format. If your assignment has outlined a specific format then always follow it before using any suggestions from other sources!

5 Best Tips for Formatting an Essay

  1. Always follow every formatting requirement given in the assignment. This is the first and foremost in importance. If the assignment asks for APA format, then follow it to the letter. If it stipulates the essay to be 10,000 words or less, make sure it’s “or less!” Nothing irritates a teacher more than having to read more words than they wanted.
  2. Many people find it easiest to format their essay as a 5-part project. This means the essay would be made up of three main parts. Depending on the length of the essay, each part might be one paragraph or more. The five parts are the introduction, then 3 main headings followed by the conclusion. You can also add more points or headings if you want to expand it to 7 parts for example.
  3. The organization of your essay is essential. A well-organized essay is easier to write as well as it leads the reader along through the paper more efficiently. When you can hold the reader’s interest longer you have a better chance of convincing them your thesis is valid.
  4. Make sure you meet style requirements. Use a style book and check for every detail. Each style uses a different format for titles, page numbers, references etc. If you’re well-versed in the APA style but you are required to use the MLA format then don’t take anything for granted. The MLA style format is widely used in more than a thousand scientific journals, university publications and many schools, colleges and universities adopt this format.
  5. Edit twice. Make sure you check off each aspect of your formatting. Being exact in this area means you will gain top marks for format and style. It’s worth the extra time to make sure it’s as perfect as you can get it.

Follow the 5 points above to bring your essay to a higher level. Every instructor will expect the format to be solid.