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An Example Can Help Write an Introduction for an Essay


When writing an essay, it is easy to get discouraged when you begin writing. Often, papers start with an introduction, and if you are writing your paper in order this means that you will write your introduction first/ as introductions are often very difficult for students to master, oftentimes they preclude a student from writing an essay at all. Introductions are very tricky. There are however many useful strategies for writing an introduction and perhaps the most useful of all of these are following an example.

The Hook or Attention Grabber

The first part of writing a successful essay is to grab the reader's attention. You have one sentence, two at the most, to make your reader care about what you have to say. This is very difficult, as there are many essays competing for this. When coming up with something new and unique, it is honestly quite difficult. However, you can always look at examples from other papers to see what works. You could start with a dictionary definition, for example, or some sort of exciting fact. By looking at different essays, you can see examples of attention grabbers and hooks and see what works and what does not.

The Structure of an Introduction

There are actually multiple ways to structure an introduction; it is actually quite an art. Sometimes you might have the attention grabber (which always must be first!) followed by an explanation of what you are talking about, with your thesis statement at the end as the last sentence. Alternatively, perhaps you want to say your thesis statement as soon as possible, and write an explanation of why your thoughts are important following the thesis statement. To understand what method is going to work for your paper, look at papers similar to what you want to write for examples. These examples will point you in the right direction.

The thesis statement

For writing, the hardest thing about an essay is the thesis statement, and it goes smack dab right in the middle of your introduction. With such a complicated task, it makes writing an introduction intimidating. A thesis statement in the fact or idea that the paper is trying to support, so it is vital that it is perfect. If you want to see a thesis statement in action, you should look at examples. See how the thesis statement supports to paragraphs around it, and how it connects with the rest of the essay. You may need to look at many examples of thesis statements to be able to appreciate them fully.