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What is an informal essay and how do you write it?

For some students having to write an informal essay is a real buzz. They like the fact that an informal essay is more or less free. The restrictions or formats required in such essays as a cause-and-effect or persuasive essay do not exist within informal essays. It gives the writer a special freedom. They can choose the topic, they can express their opinion and they can write in a relaxed style. Their writing style is almost like a conversation between friends.

So that's the good news. That's why many students enjoy having to write an informal essay. They can let their personality shine through. But because writing such an essay might seem an enjoyable task that does not mean that anything goes. There are a few rules and principles which must be adhered to in creating your informal essay.

Tips on writing an informal essay

  • Above all else make it interesting.
  • Informality can go overboard.
  • Make sure your personality shines through.

  • Just because the rules may be relaxed when writing an informal essay, just because you can be yourself and do your own thing, doesn't mean that what you write has to be boring. In fact if it is boring then your chances of receiving a high score come crashing down. Whatever else you do in writing an informal essay, make sure that it is interesting.

    It's great writing an informal essay because you can use such things as colloquial language and even slang if you feel like it. But there is a limit. Don't use that sort of language just for the sake of using it. It needs to have a place or a reason for being in your informal essay. Using colloquial language sparingly is better than sprinkling it throughout your essay.

    Whatever else the reader of your informal essay gets from the experience of reading your work, they should discover your personality. Your opinions, the type of things you like or dislike and your attitude to life can all be expressed through your writing. Let your informal essay introduce you to the world.

    Being able to choose the topic puts you, the student, in the box seat. What topic really excites you or angers you? Your passion for a topic can be given free reign when you write your informal essay. ‘Let it rip’ could well become your catch cry.