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Free Advice On Composing A 5-Paragraph Research Essay About The Great Depression

The Great Depression was perhaps the biggest financial crisis of the last century, and probably one of the biggest of all time. The plight of common people reached an unimaginable height, many people lost their jobs, many people died of hunger and governments of different countries partially or completely failed in tackling the situation. If you are given to write an essay, a five paragraph one, about the worldwide economic crisis of 1930s, here are some free tips for you.

  • Watch a few great movies
  • Have you watched Russel Crowe starrer ‘Cinderella Man’? It talks about a jobless professional boxer who tries hard to keep the home fires burning and ends up defeating a quite younger and stronger opponent inside the ring, thereby rising to fame again. The movie nicely captures the plight of working class American people during the Great Depression. Apart from this multi-award winning movie, you could also go online and find a few other great movies.

  • Watch documentaries
  • While feature films would instil compassion in you, documentaries would take you closer to facts. Therefore, it’s advisable that you watch a few documentaries in between watching your favourite or suggested feature films. This will help you in knowing the hard numbers, government policies and policy failures, causes and rippling effects of the Great Depression.

  • Read e-books and magazines
  • If possible, go straight up to a college or a public library to find a whole lot of relevant samples in the database of the library. Ask the person in charge of the library for a complete catalogue on books that analyse the reasons behind The Great Depression and related issues. Reading books can actually help yourself in getting armed with the necessary insights even before you start writing the article.

  • Browse a couple of samples
  • If you go through the samples of research essays, you would be able to discover how arguments are presented, the format and style and a couple of other things which you should be familiar with while writing an academic dissertations.

  • Start writing
  • Armed with all the knowledge, you can start writing your piece. Be very particular about spelling and grammar, format and style and write an outline before you get to the main points. Start with some historical data related to the Great Depression and gradually move on to the main points. Do not forget to thoroughly proofread your piece before you submit the same.