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What Are The Key Components Of A Five Paragraph Essay?

An essay is a symbol for proportion; it resembles in form the body of a fish. The tapering parts at the beginning and end are the Head and Tail while the bulkier part in the middle is where the descriptive zone lies. This also conveys that the essay should be as smooth flowing as a fish in water.

Going by the tradition

With the mid-section generally containing three paragraphs; the essay generally is a 5-paragraph work. Of course, you may digress from the preset pattern and write a more bulbous mid-section, but traditionally, the piece should be restricted to 5 paragraphs.

The Introduction

Now, the key components of an essay have already been mentioned. The introduction is the leading light of the piece; giving the vector direction to the readers as to what to expect from the work. The topic should be well conceived and analyzed and accordingly, the gist of writing needs to be planned. The introductory paragraph incites the reader about the gravity of subsequent part with potent questions or poignant tips. The reader’s curiosity should be summarily raised through the initial paragraph.

The Body

This is where you analyze, dissect and put meat into the topic. You need to inculcate flair so as to make the most mundane topic tasty and relishing. You have to engraft perspectives and modulate the topic through various angles. You should introduce certain facts and figures to land potency.

Lucid portrayal

All the same, you should assertively lay down your take on the subject. You should venture to find emphatic solutions from the vagaries of the essay topic and stress upon the feasibility of the solution. You get three paragraphs for this systematic construction. Remember that the body should come out as an impartial work, even if the topic is rather opinionated. Much depends on the artistic excellence of the writer.

The Conclusion

This is the fifth and concluding paragraph of the essay and may be sized according to your whims. Generally, it is similarly sized as the introduction and slightly smaller than the main paragraph of the body. Here, you lay down the synopsis of what you have written till now; the plot overview, if you will. It should go through the nooks and crannies of the work and glean emphatic points of relevance. The conclusion cannot be assumptive; there needs to be clarity and assertion. Give the topic a decisive edge and orient the conclusion towards a revelation; a path-breaking solution.