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How to write an argumentative essay using proven examples

If you are writing an argumentative essay you can rely on the new process of mind mapping to keep your thoughts organized. Mind mapping was founded with the natural architecture of the brain in mind. The purpose was to offer a more efficient, natural, and clear method of using the brain for writing essays in school and creating viable outlines.

The brain is a powerful tool. It is in fact much more powerful than most people understand. Each time you think, smell, touch, listen, watch, taste, and more, your brain is activated. Your brain processes every piece of information which enters it. This includes:

  • thoughts,
  • memories,
  • or sensations,
  • colors,
  • notes,
  • textures,
  • smells,
  • food,
  • lines,
  • numbers,
  • codes,
  • images,
  • beats,
  • or words.

Each of these things, when processed by your brain becomes a central sphere from which thousands or millions of associations are linked.

A single thought becomes a central sphere and instantaneously is linked to millions of other sub thoughts, or associations. A smell might be registered as a single central sphere from which the associated herbs, gardening, tools, dirt, vacations, memories, lists, and more are processed. It is from this process that the concept of mind mapping became what it is. It focuses on the brain’s ability to process such an unfathomable amount of information and learn from it. In other words, your brain functions as a giant computer which has an infinite number of data processing from it.

Designed to increase the brain’s natural note taking process, memory, and recall, mind mapping can be used by students and educators. The process of mind mapping was popularized by students and educators before its integration into the business front. Originally, mind mapping was done on paper but with new visual software applications, mind mapping tools have become automated. This has allowed students and educators even more efficiency in terms of their brainstorming.

Overall, the process of mind mapping has proven effective in education for a myriad of things including decision making, brainstorming sessions, improving critical thinking, project management, advanced research papers, visualizing concepts, storyboarding presentations, outlining written documents, improving reading skills, and improving writing skills.

In the classroom setting, whether suited for children of a young age or college students and beyond, mind mapping has many applications. The process of mind mapping by hand is one of the most effective methods of encouraging improved communication between students. It facilitates improved retention for students while also allowing them to think of more creative ideas when working in a team.