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A Manual For Composing A Strong Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

A persuasive essay is easy in theory; you just have to convince other people to believe in the same ideas like you. However, very often students discover that it’s not as simple as they thought. You need to do much more than expose your beliefs; you need to know how to persuade others into following them. When it comes to a difficult topic like gun control, you need to be very balanced if you want others to follow you. Here is how to do it:

  • Consider the culture around you. If you are from USA, it will be difficult to convince anyone that guns should be prohibited. Since the government allows them, they are okay. On the other hand, in Europe there are strict laws regarding gun control and you can easily persuade your classmates into agreeing with you. The culture is very important and you need to know how to use this in your advantage. You will be able to create valid arguments that will bring everyone on your side.

  • Use real examples. When you want to convince anyone that the laws regarding guns should be more strict, you have to use real examples from your country. There are many unfortunate situations presented on the news and you can use them in your essay. They will all understand that bad things actually happen, and that it is not only an unjustified action. Present the entire background of the people involved.

  • Mention the statistics. Probably your classmates don’t imagine how many people die in shootings every year. You can open their eyes by using official statistics. They will be surprised of how many bad things happen in your country only because anyone can get a gun without a permit.

  • Use smart arguments. Besides all the information that you will provide, you also have to come with some personal arguments. For example, let them understand how children can be easily injured by guns held by their parents. If they have access to it, they can fire it without realizing. Also, a child can bring his parent’s gun to school and hurt other colleagues. There is no way to be completely sure that your weapon will not be in the wrong hands, and this is why we can not allow the public to have access to them.