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Secret Keys for Writing an Outstanding Classification Essay

First of all it's important to understand exactly what we mean by a classification essay. Another good name for this type of essay is Division or Category essay. The idea being that you write about a series of things or people or events but place them in classifications or divisions or categories.

But it's more than that. You then describe each of the items in each category and create differences and similarities. What separates the various categories and what unites them? It might be their functions, their beliefs or their strengths or weaknesses.

So now we know what a classification essay is, how can we create one which turns out to be a winner? These basic points are found in most forms of essay writing but applying them in a classification essay is vital if you wish to achieve clarity in your writing.

  • Write an introduction which tells the reader exactly what type of classification essay you're going to write.
  • Include a thesis statement, probably at the end of your introduction, which explains the method you will use in writing this type of essay.
  • Use the introduction to create expectations.
  • Start each body paragraph with a single point then go on during the paragraph to explain in detail this same point.
  • Use the conclusion to wrap up all the points you have made in the body paragraphs.

Once you know the events or items or people who will populate your classification essay, you need to choose a method of discussing them. It’s not just creating classifications but also the method of discussing them which is important.

Your thesis statement is an overall sentence. It covers all the ingredients or content of the categories and in simple terms tells the reader just what they will explore. This is vital in building expectations. That’s a major role of your introduction. Remember the reader, probably your teacher, has to read this classification essay. It’s a requirement of their job. So don’t punish them. Don’t make reading your essay a chore. Give them a hint of something interesting to come.

The body or main part of your essay will have two or three paragraphs. Each one will begin with a statement or main point. Always begin these body paragraphs in this way.

Your conclusion is your sales pitch. Here you sum up all the points you’ve made beforehand and allow the reader to see that your method of discussing the categories is true and believable.