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Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

In regards to such a well heard of conflict as that between the Israeli and Palestinians, the reasons for such hostilities must be understood if an understanding is to be achieved. Why is there a conflict at all between the Israeli and Palestinians? Why have other nations gotten involved in this conflict? The Israeli and Palestinian conflict runs deeper than a mere squabble over land; it is also a fight for belief.

The conflict has been going on for a fair number of years. The main things that are disputed are the holy city of Jerusalem, recognition of the Palestinians, and a respect for the borders separating the Israeli from the Palestinians. Both the Israeli and the Palestinians want Jerusalem on their side. For the Jews it is where their temple is, and for the Christian Palestinians it is where Christ was crucified. The Palestinians want the Israeli to recognize them as their own government, free to govern themselves and not under Israeli law. The borders are to be respected, no encroachment from the other on land that is not theirs.

The author Hilaire Belloc, in his book The Jews, writes of the history leading to the Israeli and Palestinian conflict. Although a Christian himself, Belloc points out the flaws of both the Israeli and the Palestinians, even providing a few thoughts on how the conflict could be resolved. Both sides will have a lot to overcome, the Israeli more so than the Palestinians, but it was Belloc’s belief that it could be done.

Given the archeological history in the Israeli and Palestinian area it is little wonder that other nations have gotten involved. The religious significance of Jerusalem for Jews and Christians all over the world is also a factor in drawing others into the conflict, as each side wants to make the holy city safe in order to travel to it peacefully. Of course there are those involved who care nothing about the archeological or religious appeal of the place, they simply want one side to be victorious over the other.

Therefore, the conflict between the Israeli and the Palestinians has been a long struggle, but it is not unsolvable. A mutual recognition of the Palestinian border and its government would go a long way in ceasing some of the hostilities. Turning Jerusalem into a neutral ground that neither party could own but both could visit without fear of antagonism would also be a key point in ending the conflict.