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A List Of Impressive Cause And Effect Essay Topics For College

A few rules need to be followed when writing cause and effect essays. Obviously, within your essay you will need to discuss both the cause and the effect of your topic and they should receive an equal time share. Having a fair balance between the two is essential. Before you can worry about face time for your sentences though, you need to decide what you are going to write about.

Whether the professor has given out guidelines for making a topic choice, or you are completely able to choose your own, your final decision needs to be satisfactorily narrowed down to a topic with a satisfactory amount of information available. You also want to submit a paper that is exciting, new, fresh, and unique. Below, you will find a list of impressive cause and effect essay topics that you may never have considered:

  • Cause and effect of the Arab Spring
  • Cause and effect of the No Child Left Behind law
  • Cause and effect of El Nino
  • Cause and effect of overpopulation in urban centers
  • Cause and effect of sibling rivalry
  • Cause and effect of children with autism
  • Cause and effect of stress on youth
  • Cause and effect of unvaccinated children
  • Cause and effect of overweight health care providers
  • Cause and effect of violent video games
  • Cause and effect of skipping a grade in school
  • Cause and effect of cheating
  • Cause and effect of sexual discrimination
  • Cause and effect of the popularity of reality TV shows
  • Cause and effect of music downloading
  • Cause and effect of being abducted by aliens
  • Cause and effect of the Bermuda Triangle's mystery
  • Cause and effect of the fall of the Berlin Wall
  • Cause and effect of a sleepless generation
  • Cause and effect of online shopping

If these topics are not exactly what you are looking for, there are several places that you can look for ideas that are unusual and unique. Here are several to think about:

  • History books
  • News stories that are making headlines throughout the world
  • Local newspapers
  • Talk to a librarian
  • Ask your educator for some sample ideas
  • Check with your peers in the class
  • Do an online search for topic ideas

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